I’ll freely admit I’m gaining a great deal of satisfaction from these seasonal poems, especially as they’re not what many would consider traditional subject matters.

Homelessness is a big deal on our streets: poverty should not be an issue in the 21st Century and yet it continues to be so. With 65,000 families homeless for Christmas, you could consider giving a donation to an organisation such as Shelter over the festive period.

Here’s my reminder that just because you can’t see a problem does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

They lie together, bodies tethered,
Homeless, lifeless, a problem ignored:
Mother and child adrift in the nether
Invisible space defined by cardboard.

In city’s clamour, adrift and grey
This second existence, not a life:
The helpless hidden in countless archways,
Displaced existence from anger and strife.

Too often overlooked is their plight
Lost in statistics and ignorance;
Responsibility can make this right,
Opportunity, be the difference.

The time of year when we have it all
Excess a theme repeated ‘til full:
To take a moment, make donation small
Allow an escape from poverty’s pull.

First mother and child were homeless too,
Birth and rest at a stranger’s behest:
Remember one day that this could be you
So help fellow humans feel truly blessed.

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