The dust is now settling on Christmas, and I’m already thinking about what happens in 2018. If you’re reading this via the Internet of Words Twitter feed, there won’t be any poetry this week, but the personal success of the short story telling is now giving considerable pause for thought on what happens next, and how I move forward with words.


I’ve got some ideas for the New Year, but as yet nothing is set in stone. One thing is certain, there’s going to be a new means by which I flex my creative muscles, which will involve writing, but is not the focus. For that, keep an eye on the IoW Instagram feed, because that will be enlightening, if nothing else. The rest of it needs a clear day and some notes, which is scheduled for tomorrow after the Gym. Then, it will be time to open that new Planner.

The first plan of attack is to return to writing a daily post. What that involves and how that is presented are more pressing issues however, and so tomorrow it is high time the website got properly organised and the things I want are front and centre.

Time, I think, for a bit of a post-Christmas clear-out.

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