It might be Sunday, but that’s traditionally been my most productive time of the week in previous months, and today will be no different. Once I’ve done my Gym visit shortly there’s going to be a ton of online stuff appearing, to give you good people an idea of what to expect in the months going forward.


Needless to say, when I see you again tomorrow, it won’t just be a New Year. It is the next step forward in a journey that is altering both body and mind on a daily basis. Without putting to much babbly bullshit into this, I’m already looking forward to what’s on the schedule. If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be doing it to begin with. Last year a lot of what happened wasn’t enjoyable personally, and that showed in the quality of output. The stuff I loved doing had far more enthusiasm and depth, and this is the direction we’ll be taking moving forward.

Let’s get ready to rumble, shall we?

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