Welcome to 2018. It is high time I started making you work for yourselves, because THE DEITIES KNOW I have enough content lined up for the next 12 months to keep the most discerning of individuals sated, entertained and challenged. So, strap yourselves in lovelies, because it is TIME TO GET STARTED.

In order to upset as many people as possible, I’ll be spreading content this year across both of my Twitter accounts, with a view to promoting both as funds allow. There will be some inevitable overlap too, but in most cases that is because the longer form will take a bit longer to produce. The plan, such as it is, includes the following:

  • 12 Short Stories, serialised via Social media and then published via the site the month after their Twitter premieres.
  • 52 Poems and 365 Haiku (minimum), same deal as the short stories.
  • A monthly selection of found music and interesting digital ephemera from whatever subject is currently intoxicating my brain.
  • 365 Comic strips. This is the leap in the dark I need to do in order to push myself mentally. You’ll see the results via the IoW Instagram.


There’s other stuff too: gotta finish the NanoWriMo, want to write some short stories to enter for contests as well as poetry, and I need to fit in a fairly serious exercise schedule on top of everything else. I think this is doable, or else I wouldn’t be standing up here saying it was. On top of all that will be the blogging, which is now an inescapable part of my existence.

The Way Forward

I have plans afoot for people to become supporters of my work (if they choose) but there’s nothing set in stone as yet. As soon as that changes (and I’ve had a chance to return to normality post Christmas break) you’ll hear about it here. For now, we’ll spend a month settling into the new routine, and see where that takes us.

It’ll also give me a chance to clean up this desk a bit, because BOY does it need it.

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