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  1. Well, we’ve made progress since then – you, the people reading your texts and speaking to you since back then or for even longer. The person who created that sock puppet account on the other hand probably didn’t make progress, and so that account may stand as a metaphor for their life. On a depersonalised level (ironically), that’s incredibly sad.

    To me it seems like an unnecessary move to add 44 followed people to such an account, so I muse a bit about that, and the choice of tweet they responded to. That latter at least, I’m convinced, was intentional, as was the choice of words. They got you when you showed weakness. while in terms of content the response didn’t relate to your tweet. They also tried to make it about WoW as a standin for themselves, but arguably only would’ve succeeded if their tweets had yielded them reply.

    It’s remarkable that targetting you and only you was that account’s sole purpose. Usually I see them spew A LOT of toxicity at once, apparently making a list of people to target days and months prior to creating such an account. So yes, also obsession with you, for whatever reason. I’m not sure I’m even interested in that. And on the other hand, such an act seems to get less personal when it comes from an anonymous account – unless they expected you to recognise them.

    TL;DR: Worrying behaviour, and if we behaved that way, we should really worry about ourselves


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