I’m kicking off 2018 with a series of poems around the theme of regrowth and regeneration. Yoga has been an important part of my life since I first learnt the basics after the birth of my son, so that’s coming up for eighteen years ago. I’ve returned to the ideas of meditation and inner focus however after my experiences with Mindfulness, and this year there’s a plan forming to combine the two, possibly with a return to a formal class.

As I consider the possibilities available, here’s my thoughts on how the start of the day is my favourite time, and that the sunrise (when I get to see it) has become a very powerful motivator.

The Dawning of New Day

Feet placed firmly, mat warmth
Flows through willing body.
Tiredness slowly transformed,
Sun salutes, not shoddy.
The dawning of new day,
Blows night time fears away.

Sit quietly with green tea
Exhale deep tensions out,
Allow tautness to flee:
Relaxing without doubt.
The dawning of new day,
Favourite place to stay.

Alone I am complete
Distractions disappear:
Night terrors to defeat
Strength grows, direction clear.
The dawning of new day,
Confidence will allay.

Each day positions learnt
Are easier to hold
Effort, calories burnt
Extending limbs, now bold.
The dawning of new day,
Weakness will not betray.

From warrior to tree
The cobra and canoe,
This discipline, you see
Builds certainty that’s true.
The dawning of new day,
Ancient, yogic ballet.

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