This little set of poems was going to be longer, but I decided to keep it at four lines so I could go and do some more exercise instead. That process is beginning to unlock parts of my subconscious that have lain dormant for quite some time… and I’m beginning to see some really significant and tangible improvements to all parts of my life, not just the writing. As a result I’ll remember this short sequence as the one that began an important journey that’s making me happier than I’ve been in a while.

I’d expect to see more exercise related poetry as a result via Twitter next week.

Getting Better

It isn’t just sickness
At this time of year;
Perennial illness
Returning us here.

It’s knowing potential
For moving life on,
Don’t be reverential
Keep up what’s begun.

No need for appeasing
The masses online:
Forget all that pleasing
It’s not worth your time.

Instead why not focus
Making yourself well:
No more hocus pocus
Let them go to Hell.

It’s time to get better
Look only ahead
Become a trend setter,
Put self-doubt to bed.

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