The weekly process of writing on a Sunday has now become part of routine: I’m still getting used to the archiving, it has to be said, but give that a few months and it will become habit too. This is a particularly prophetic set of haiku, on reflection, and it mirrors a hard week of physical exertion. I have never been a great believer previously in the power of affirmation, but I would be lying if it wasn’t clear that it does have a positive affect on both mind and body.

These verses are my matra not only for the week that has passed, but for those that are to come.


I am preparing,
Mind attuned: expanding, now
Encompassing change.

Extending my hands,
Sense air: circulating warmth
Affecting focus.

In this space, altered
Consciousness: sharp sensations
Intensify thoughts.

Iterate mantra,
I am strong: this is my path,
Tread with certainty.

Each repetition,
Builds further, deep confidence.
The future is mine.

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