Just when I thought reality could not get more interesting, the unexpected reared up this week in an attempt to divert from the path. I’m still not entirely sure how I got from Monday to here either: a lot of normal stuff was completed on autopilot. However, this poem was written and finished ahead of my normal window. Maybe I knew there was going to be trouble ahead and possessed the mental foresight to get ahead. Perhaps, and this is more likely, the process of getting physically fitter and working on organisation is finally bringing rewards elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, this set of micropoems is a good reflection of my current situation.


We have reached the point
Where with open mind,
A great leap forwards
Is ours, here to find.
All that’s needed, belief
Turn over next new leaf.

Sudden explosion
Of understanding,
Path that lies ahead
Much less demanding:
This moment, reassess,
Potential, re-address.

When the World around
Seems all too troubled,
With focus doubled.
Push yourself through the storm,
Belief conceived, then born.

Stealing impetus,
Bring inspiration
Expand, limitless.
Deal with that which constricts
Ignore others conflicts.

Epiphany, bright
Life-changing concept:
Reminds us to change,
Your future’s not set.
No fate but what we make,
Rewards are there to take.

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