As we approach the end of January, a lot has changed for me. I’ll have ridden the equivalent distance of London to Amsterdam (and back) and made significant changes to my exercise routines. People are now paying me unprompted to keep writing. Some people might consider it time for a rest or to sit back, but I’ll be spending my Sunday afternoon planning for the next week, and beyond. Progress is not simply physical, however: opening mind and expecting failings is as important a part of the process as all the physical gains. It is easy to become complacent, especially when there are issues to address that are out of your hands.

Life should be a constant process of reflection and reassessment.


We have reached the point;
No return: strike onward, to
Our next place of rest.

Journey, conceded
Simply smaller part, building
Towards greater whole.

Take strength from within,
Create brilliance: burning
Brighter than sunshine.

Constituent piece
Of my life: being remade,
Different image.

Here, I stand prepared.
Progress marked: you have done well,
Now, take the next step.


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