Because we found ourselves crossing two months last week, and it has become easier for me to write in complete sequences, I decided to use the same title for both sets of poetry. As seems to be the theme of late these words have a completely different resonance than was the case when they were written last week… and am proud of these haiku, far more so than any that have proceeded. This sequence works well not simply as five different pieces, but as a complete poem.

I think I’m getting somewhere.

[EDIT: This poem has been extensively re-written, and can be found here.]

Transition :: One

Grinding to a halt:
Suddenly, too much; how can
Simplicity die?

Moving across space,
Transition: should be easy
Except, this has failed.

Considered options
Concertina: shrinking to
Tiniest failure.

Sudden explosion,
Comprehension, exception
To months of planning.

Sometimes, things go wrong:
Fate, out of your hands.


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