I’ve decided, starting next week, I’m going to try and do some longer micropoems for the next three weeks or so. These are tougher asks but are the best way to accurately flex my poetic grey matter. It is also important to be able to have a bit of time to think and redraft them after initially written, which means next week you’ll get the first part of the five slightly later than normally advertised. Real life has been tough at the end of this week but I’m still determined to keep this creative impetus going.

Come back next week and see if this plan succeeds but for now… enjoy last week’s efforts.

[EDIT: this poem has been extensively re-written, and can be found here.]


Transition :: Two

There is no way
Moment gets better;
Stop panicking
Pull it together.

Take a long look
At what needs changing:
Forget the rules,
Try re-arranging.

Remember this
Can still be salvaged;
Fight every fire,
Restricting damage.

Finally, as
The dust has settled:
What’s left to save,
From ideas levelled.

You’ve problem solved
All trouble destroyed;
Disaster ends,
Sent packing, annoyed.


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