On the flipside of our poetic juxtaposition for the week, I’m back in the land of rhyming which, for the record, I’m not a huge fan of right now. However, the number of people who inform me that unless it rhymes it’s not poetry is sufficient for an unruly mind to accept the direction being told to head in.

In the end, this also ended up as being far more personal than expected. That seems to be happening a lot of late…

True Beauty

Look closer, see what lies behind
A preconception, state of mind;
Is what you sought a truth believed,
Simply surface, vision deceived?

Single, individual’s taste,
Aesthetics constantly replaced;
This ceaseless search for perfect truth
Wrapped up in attitude and youth.

When flawless start to fade and age,
An understanding can assuage:
With time comes wisdom and true depth
Grasping, evaluating breadth.

Our clearest visual lies within,
So happiness only begins;
When apprehension is removed,
Enlightenment finally proved.

Forget the look, focus on form,
Grasp deviation from the norm:
These flaws create appearance bright
True beauty’s focus of delight.

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