There will now be an unscheduled deviation from experimental poetry to bring you TOP NOVEL NEWS…


I’ve exceeded 80k. I’m still not done. In terms of plot, I’m at the final location required (around which a fair amount will now transpire) but… well, the end won’t be here for a while. It may not take that many more words, but I have plans to completely rearrange what is the last lot of old/new content. Therefore, this Thursday will be an editing/confirming my timeline session plus the addition of some more key scenes. All things being equal, and assuming everything can be done that is desired this week…?

I’m hoping to say the plot’s done sometime next week.


It is odd watching my old self’s work become new again, and very satisfying. There’s also increasingly less fear at cutting out old things that don’t work and replacing them with more relevant content. Looking at the work every day, it is evolving at about the same speed that I am… not massively fast, but still good enough when placed against everything else that needs to be completed. So, the next time we talk about this, there should be completion in the air.

I’m not sure how that’s going to feel when I know I’m done, either.

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  1. I have to say, having attempted (and failed, the last 2 weeks) to make writing a very important part of my life again, you’re one of my biggest inspirations lately. I don’t comment enough, or let you know that often enough, but watching you manage children, getting your health set as a priority, arting, and just in general living your best life…it has been in the back of my mind daily as I struggle to get a schedule set and get my own goals plotted out. You do a lot, and you do it well, and I appreciate you putting it out there for me to gain some insight from.


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