Normally, I’d offer a pithy insight to this week’s work, but if you’ve been reading my personal blog you’ll know it’s been a tough ask to make it to Sunday. The poetry this week reflects that, and so I’ll simply present it as-is. This work has been edited between being first posted and subsequently archived here.

Enjoy the View

Too often humans will forget the point,
Whilst chasing enlightenment to anoint:
Remove divinity others pursue,
Stop stressing your lives and enjoy the view.

Repeat mantra ‘it’s not all about you’
Reminds inescapable facts so true:
Some might find it easier to blank out,
Improving existence, what life’s about.

Gurus and shysters will try and convince
Diets and cleanses make mind, body wince:
None of these extras is needed to see
Honest direction to head, and be free.

Don’t listen to those who clearly won’t care
Obsessed with image, barely self-aware:
Large corporations that try to deceive
Promising all to faithful who believe.

When all’s said and done, be real with yourself,
Doubts and preconceptions left on the shelf:
Only one concept need remain as true;
Be decent and fair, enjoying the view.


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