One of the first real lessons learnt in my exercise journey was that the biggest obstacle to progress is not my body. It does not matter what weight, shape or physical restrictions might lay in place to hinder progress. If your brain decides that something is doable, mind over matter really can do the job. The biggest problem, inevitably, is allowing fear to eat away at enthusiasm or motivation. That meant that on Friday night mind pushed through fatigue, sore legs and lethargy to complete a bike ride, and it will propel me to the Gym across the weekend with the knowledge that each day spent rehabilitating my left arm is a day closer to me being stronger than I was before the accident.

Sometimes, to take control of destiny, it is necessary to have a long, serious chat with your own psyche.

Time’s Up

This is notice, hear
Change of tune: no longer can
Fear be accepted.

Pack your bags, depart
Quickly: presence offending

Your time has ended
Shrunk, ignored: alteration,
Fundamental shift.

Thrall severed, broken
Ticking countdown: last seconds
Toward extinction.

Time’s up, consciousness:
Release the future: not yours
To hold to ransom.

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