An opportunity has arisen to pitch my novel to a publisher.

Fortunately for me, I don’t need to be completely finished with editing. What’s required thus far is a really strong first quarter, which is easily done. However, there’s now the real need to be ready to go with what is considered as a ‘decent’ manuscript and so, this weekend, I’ll not be playing any video games or allowing stuff other than pre-planned family stuff as distraction. Starting from my last point where editing felt solid, it is time to button down the details over half-term, in quiet periods where I won’t be having to worry about acting as a taxi service.

This thing has to be ready and solid as soon as possible.


I have become a self-professed expert at allowing this manuscript to be superseded by everything and anything in the last two months. In fairness, health and circumstances have been against me on several occasions, but now there really are no excuses. If there’s the chance of being read by a proper, grown-up editor, then it is time to stop mucking about and get serious.

Therefore, the next time we speak about MMXCI therefore, it will be to update my WiP site on the personal blog with the line ‘first draft and edit complete, with alpha readers.’

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