It appeared there was one more week of rhymes that had been overlooked, but this is everything now. I’m also scheduling this several days earlier than normal, which is hopefully now going to stick as habit. However, neither of these things matters as much as the content of this poem. This is the first of a series, marking a significant milestone in my personal life. It is tagged as such for search purposes going forward, and as poetry will be (in part) the means by which a story is told.

Sometimes, there needs to be courage to admit your failings.


The moment when
A light-bulb glows:
There’s no escape,
Consciousness knows.

The time has come
Choice must be made:
Relax, accept
Don’t be afraid.

The action next
May well depend:
Around belief
How things will end.

The trust in self
Beyond reproach:
With rest of world
This subject, broach.

The firm belief
You’re just not whole:
Becomes the goal.


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