Tuesday, June 19th will be remembered for many years to come. Not a hugely remarkable day, all told, but one that redefines what I am. The details are recorded elsewhere for posterity: I’d expected to want to talk more about the consequences of the diagnosis but, as it transpires, there’s no real desire to do so. I stuck three letters in my main Twitter bio and left it at that.

A label is not required to be properly defined to the World, simply myself.

There’s too much work to be done out here in the fields first. I’ll let the rest of the World point out their differences and fight amongst themselves. The true renaissance will, I suspect come from altering individual human experiences: once you can be confident in what you are, then positivist will grow in the fertile ground that confidence provides. The future will not be defined by those who stood up and demanded individual attention, but by those who worked tirelessly, often without widespread recognition, to make the World around them a better place for everybody and not just themselves.

It is important to understand what matters in your own existence as a starting point. For me, the diagnosis is largely irrelevant, as I’ve had decades to adjust and cope with how my mind works. Tuesday, June 19th was for everybody else in that regard. What gets taken from that day in a personal capacity is the liberation of expectation and an increase of understanding from others. Without the worry that others won’t accommodate or understand my social restrictions, there’s plenty of space to just get on with the jobs in hand.

I’d like to welcome you to the beginning of what is already shaping up to be a significant Cultural Renaissance.

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