Something happened to my brain this week. Maybe it was because I finally understood what I’ve been all these years. Possibly it could be the relief from reaching the end of a particularly arduous journey. Mostly, between the start of the year and now, there’s been an acceptance of what lies at my core, and how to allow the truth of my existence the means to shine through.

Poetry is now a significant part of the evolutionary process.


The moment, inescapable
stands firm: teeth bared, blatant anger.
End of the line summarily
reached: quietly, all hope alights here.

Destiny’s flag, forced into ground
Hangs limp: storm’s choler short-winded.
Instant of confrontation, passed:
Recrimination may commence.

How can I be expected to
Survive torrent’s accusations?
Constants washed away, stripped conscience
Summarily dumped, overwhelmed.

Letting sand settle, emerges
Memory’s tidal detritus.
Remains from life experience;
Building blocks for mind’s new project.

Take sum total, education
From decades past, foundation laid
Presenting shattered consciousness
Cornerstone, transfiguration.

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