This was a disaster. There’s good in it, however, and it will be re-appraised in time. Once I do, there’ll have been lessons learnt about overreaching, metaphor and the way poetry ought to sound, because this is guilty of a lot of bad things.

–  So, why is it here? Shouldn’t you only publish good things?

No. I need to show I’m aware of mistakes being made, and where there has to be improvement. pretending all I ever do is good might look like a good idea but, on reflection the bad matters almost as much. If a prospective publisher came and found this, on reflection, I’d want to show that this journey isn’t simply about shoving anything up for public view. Choosing work that needs work is a willingness to accept that this is still an evolution.

There is a lot of work still to do.


Easier option; smarter child
low maintenance relationship
this rump steak isn’t medium rare
consumed with resignation.
Without contempt; bandwagon jumped
that other person’s better choice
perennial balancing act
favour the little guy.

Favourite all, follow no-one
retweeting memes, .GIF memories
Facebook Group friends will never meet
virtual tryst not meant to be.
Juggling lives, ignoring fools
ideal position for abuse
the quiet ones always trouble
a fool with most to lose.

Weight every option, online plan
Compare my Everything dot com
patronage for niche ideas
bright stitched, constructed web of buys.
Coffee pot turned on from work
dimming lights whilst traffic jams
does mobile tech improve a life
perhaps just sham, not future proof.

Take a moment; values shift
advanced consumerism sucks
sheer weight of noise, heavy deafness
ears bleed, brains slowly waste away.
Other’s plans can’t dictate choice
firmly remaining present tense
eroding thoughts of future past
removal of free thought and deed.

Perhaps the answer’s in belief
ancient mistakes our lessons learnt
rebuilding ideals, firm intent
target those lives which need the most.
Success not measured by these things
material wealth to put aside
eternal hope springs forth desire
favour constructive change of mind.

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