If you follow me on Social media you’ll know I’m taking a week’s break from poetry to focus on long-form fiction for a deadline. That means this week it’s a selection of already-written work, from times past.

This and the Haiku seemed like a decent high water mark to temporarily bow out to.


Not afraid, happily admit
mistakes indeed, too many made.
Perpetual sinner, begging
repetitive, bleak forgiveness.

Cast adrift, harsh memories, this
becalmed soul waits for tide to turn.
Wind’s change of heart, kindness presents
safe port to harbour mounting dread.

Becalmed, distressed, undernourished
siren’s song no longer distracts.
Passion evaporated, sea’s
salvation, unexpected care.

Washed up existence, shore-line breaks
gentle motion, stroking tired limbs.
Reanimate being, salt licks
bearable pain, healing mind’s wounds.

The sinner, repentant, standing
prepares again to face her fears.
Start another, measured journey;
creation returns confidence.

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