There’s a small picture on my notice board, hung above my computer. STRONG WOMEN: May we Know Them, May we Be Them stares back at me every day, reminder that if I want to improve the World in which we all find ourselves, there has to be some individual effort expended. Expecting someone else to do the work is largely pointless, and as tomorrow could be your last day on the planet… honestly, there’s no point in mucking about.

Both poems this week therefore are reminders of the legacy we have been given and a future that hangs in the balance.

May We Be Them

Within ourselves, awakening
sense of true purpose galvanised
faith and strength’s rightful combination:
together, we are strong women.

Those who came before, their tracks
heeled footprints, barefoot; warriors, all
trailblazers, heroes, martyrs to same cause:
generations of strong women.

Stoic, long suffering partners;
mothers soldier on, inventors, expanding science
whilst bettering mankind for all:
those remembered as strong women.

Scorned lovers standing tall
no longer victims, capable voiced opposition
strength increasing, numbers swelling
builds army, new strong women.

Bring past, present to bear, as one
cohesive unit, equality’s allowance
deserved reward, humility presented;
shoulder to shoulder with strong women.

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