As you read this, I’m taking a much-needed weekend off before the NaNoWriMo push becomes very real next week (more on that on Wednesday.) It is an opportunity to take some photographs, chill, maybe finally sort out some new playlists to exercise to, and spend as little time as possible thinking about anything except relaxation. I am not very good at this stuff, let it be said, so process could use some practice.

I can also guarantee that a ton of ideas will emerge while I’m away too. We have that option covered. We’ll see you back here on Monday evening ❤

Oh yeah, here’s the first of last week’s poetry.

What He Said

Dispense those outdated metaphors, again
stupidity, your name is him. Whose idea
labelling world, unique, seven point four billion
facets of one blue-green, perfect whole, as
us and them, his and hers.

Disrespect becomes poison, choking smog
restricting true evolution, collapsing;
condemning brighter future. We remain atoms,
Universe’s star-stuff, wealth’s division
breaking humanity’s natural bonds.

Destruction is inevitable, unless change
fundamentally alters individual minds
shifts inwards to outlooks. Selfish desire
materialistic, altruism beats capitalism;
money, evils destructive revenge.

Deciding who’s to blame, mug’s game
what he said, she bled part of history’s
blistering, nature’s planning. Dispense
petty name calling, shame throwing shade
everyone deserves their day in the sun.

Declare independence, from what he said
embrace us, not I, him or her. Teamwork
builds best foundations, solid futures all
embrace, nobody loses. Lessons learnt,
allow everyone’s input, potential.

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