Starting Thursday, we have a thirty part Haiku spectacular on the cards, so it will only be Micropoetry scheduled across the week.  As a result, I promise that this form will not suffer and is being given extra special love and attention. I also wish I could do bold and italic on Twitter so there’d be a chance to add some spice to my rhymes. Perhaps I should consider some emotes across November…

Now, there’s a thought…

The Last Gasp

It’s over. Lame excuses remain pointless,
arrogant assertions; blame shamed remaining
lack of explaining: just shut up and listen.

My fault. What a shocker, fault fraught
embrace selfish default, expelled suddenly
finally grasping pointless asking.

Let’s talk. Combine grievances, settle
differences, constructive discourse, on course;
resolution is a solution?

Fresh start. Dispense recompense, redefine time
warm hearts, depart from history’s bind,
beauty in kind, joint meeting of minds.

Last gasp? Not a chance, firm romance
redefinition without attrition, perdition
avoided, happy ending enjoyed.

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