It’s a week since we started and, not gonna lie, it’s been a total nightmare. The novel’s pretty much writing itself. Nobody is on fire yet. The plot’s solid, THERE ARE JOKES but also some important philosophical posturing. That’s not the problem.

It’s the rest of my life that’s the issue.

I’m literally drowning in support and good advice. This is not the problem. TIME is the problem: thus far none of my other scheduled scheduling has been scheduled, and everything else is running by the seat of our collective pants. There’s a metric buttonne of RL issues on top of this and today, I’m not gonna lie, I just ran out of time. I wanted to write more but there’s not enough hours in which to do so, and fit in everything else. It’s gonna be like this until Sunday now. Then, perhaps, there can be some progress that makes me feel comfortable.

Also, please can I have a decent night’s sleep for the first time since Saturday?


However, for a first draft I’m pretty damn pleased with this, not gonna lie. There’s some moments to be really proud of, and a growing sense that writing ensemble pieces is where a real talent lies. I don’t yet have my full crew on board, literally and metaphorically. Tomorrow we’ll go and pick the last one up and set a chain of events in motion that might yet require me to create a timeline, just so I can be sure everybody’s done what they need to do before this entire shebang gets flipped on it’s head for the first time. There’ll be a second time too, but I’m getting ahead.

Also, there’s a soundtrack, which is proving VERY useful in building set pieces.

It’s all looking really positive thus far. Let’s hope I can keep the momentum going…

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