I like this, for lots of reasons. A fraction of my work suffers from the inevitable stresses and strains forced on me due to daily production, but this piece was born pretty much fully formed. It has inevitably been influenced by SciFi Brain which is prevalent in my direction and actions (thanks to NaNoWriMo) but is, in effect, a marker for my own development as a poet. This is five verses, all with a visual prompt at their centre, that combined allow me to explain how it’s felt to push past my mental shortcomings and start producing content I am consistently proud of.

May this be the start of a new and fruitful period as a result.


Within is not your space to overtake: begone
spectres, unexpected disappointment. Tonight,
optimism’s slowly growing, expanding
unassuming, quiet elimination of all doubt.

Propulsion’s self-derived, accelerating
past vast, shattered hulks, ideas once revered
failed plans, decomposing concepts;
now, vital escape velocity attained.

Driven away, pursuit of excellence,
thousand possible brilliant conceits;
desired from countless wasted days.
Combine precisely, self-derived intent.

Behold, fresh start word-fuelled sprint;
cornucopia of unexpected variety.
Stuffed full; poems, acrostics, non-fiction rants
fertile mind erupts: continuous, artistic flow.

Sum total, determination’s push succeeds
redefinition stamped, increased notion refuels
renaissance, fruitful path to greater glory.
Entire existence liberated, standing strong.

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