Life on most days is the process of getting from Point A to Point B with the least loss to integrity or quality. In the moments when that becomes a problem, there’s now Social media to record all the lurid highlights. Blogging has become a lost art: most people are only interested if the process can be monetised. Of course there is a point reached where you’re so famous that’s not required, and off you go on your own sweet way, attacking or condemning whoever you like, or conversely spreading the word of goodness and care across the planet.

Oh, for simpler times.


This week came a personal revelation that unless I’m sticking at least three monetisation links into each blog, I’m not even going to get the time of day from most people. Using specific hashtags in my Twitter posts shouldn’t be de rigeur (I’ll be honest, most of the time those are made up) and that the reason why my work continues to languish in the backwaters is not just because of a lack of drive or desire to succeed. That means some harsh decisions.

It’s a good thing I was gonna start redesigning the website next week.


Normally, I’d not be arsed to worry, but if increasing traffic is my game, that’s what will be required. Travelling down the SEO route will also involve dropping extra cash on making this a business site, which for now is beyond my budget. Instead, it will come down to selling stuff first in order to build a small ‘pot’ of cash that can then be spent on not only maintaining the process, but investment going forward. That then requires that in the first three months of NEXT year we’ll start building a strategy. I’ve already begun the process of sounding out assistance. I will self-publish.

There, it’s been said now so it has to happen.


It won’t be fiction that is committed to print but poetry first, in a form that can then be sent to potential publishers as a means to say ‘hi, I’m here, be interested.’  The site is going to be streamlined and pushed towards being a sales portal for the same, on top of our normal scheduled gubbins. Then, if nobody buys anything, it will be time to up the ante.

Time to learn, and stop languishing in fashionable obscurity.

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