I would love to write a comic. If any artist out there needs someone to provide words, or would be prepared to illustrate my stuff? I’d so collaborate.

For now, I have to dream my futures.


One moment, offered earnestly, unannounced
transforms entire existence with a smile.
This picture, napkin drawn, instant facsimile
of unworthy, suddenly amazed recipient.

Last month, we were strangers: awkward
silences bound concurrent explanation.
Slowly, snails shed shells; accellerant
set fires between piled similarity, then BANG!

Each new passion uncovered, fresh leaf;
pages in joint ‘Notebook of Intent’ pools
your pictures, then my words, enmeshed
comic collaboration, cooperative start.

Joint religion, sacred ground first consecrated
though graphic novel, internet published
daily strips and FlipaClip, resultant fertile
minds, combined; inextricably entwined.

Together, we are art, belief but mostly faith:
our stories will be told through ink and pen.
Storyboard predicts endeavour’s end,
lovers’ connection fuels greater expression.

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