This is an interesting time for my poetry. After a long period of introversion and application, this weekly exercise has become a lot more relaxed and informal than at any point in months and yet is far more honest and reflective. The desire to share my feelings via verse is a lot less traumatic than any attempt that’s been made to do so in prose, and that allows expression an immediacy that’s really satisfying.

We’re doing another Haiku project for December, and the micropoetry will continue unabated across the Festive period. Last year some contentious subjects were covered.

Don’t expect this year to deviate.


Reflection; quiet contemplation.
Dead air, between chimes, alarm.
3.26am, sleeping kids; pre-dawn chorus.
This programme continues in 5 seconds.

Not rising to Troll baited-arrogance.
Ignoring genitalia-filled DM.
Refusing online quiz completion.
Uninstalling contentious new app.

Alone, darkness before car’s full.
Quietness between shower, bathroom floor.
Isolated corner, deserted gym.
Standing, arms wide, forest’s dark trail.

Discussion’s truth, exposed diatribe.
Embarrassed stupidity, exposed.
Sexist humour’s beyond outdated.
Conversation, one sided, is closed.

Choice: remain silent, countless moments
recalled defence, protest, judgement.
Respect, definition earnt with trust
believe nothing sometimes, better crime.

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