For the first time since 2011 (so, that’s seven years) my real name is attached to a Twitter account. I’ve been drifting that way with the Other Place, still associated with a certain video game and not totally tied to writing ability. Yesterday, a lot changed, but I can’t talk about that yet. However, what can be done is the commencement of a process that should have happened a few years previously, but never did.

These are the consequences of writing with intent for the last eighteen months.

Therefore, it is quite likely that emphasis will continue to shift from there to here as stuff gains momentum. There are too many friends in the Other Place (as it is now going to be known) to just up sticks and vanish, so we’ll run both Twitter accounts hand in hand for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping for a tipping point eventually, just as the hope existed that this day would arrive and there’d be the impetus to make IoW my workplace.

Certainly, that’s a spot that’s been reached earlier than expected.


You’ll have to bear with me for a bit. Trust me, the reveal is already planned. In the meantime, the following month’s output will be very much worth your time, if you’d like a potted history of what matters most.

See you here on Friday morning. Don’t be late 😀

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