Most people don’t publish the poetry they muck about with, but I’m having fun playing in public. It is a continuing exercise of looking at how words fit into sentences, that rhyming is no longer a requirement but that sometimes, it becomes almost essential to do just that.

Nobody has taught me how this happens, all I have is looking at other people’s work as a starting point. Slowly, over time, those works are ingested, understood and then spat out again, only relevant portions remaining. It is a process of refinement, deconstruction then re-composition.

I love this job.

En Lighten Ment

Con; sider of false profits, con sequence.
Begging again, pave meant as side walk;
shift move, sent packing, cardboard home:
Lone loans bemoan corrugate slacking.

Lighten more, meant re leaf dead trees
branched out, ex tend Planet’s lease.
Under, standing tall; resist pence, land
left field fallow, shallow grave consequence.

Break fast bonds, tradition admission,
mill menial denial, tiled bile, meanwhile…
Fake smile, out side beside rising tides
climate NOT weather, brain cells? WHATEVER.

En lighten, brighten world, rotated dictated
make shift forward, out ward off evil: result?
Revolt, bolted doors no more, open ingest
honesty’s best; inter section, resurrection.

Twist, alter every answer’s meaning
attempting truth’s manipulative distillation:
enlightenment, facts placed together
always best means to set minds free.


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