This little diversion into non-rhyming is going very well, thanks very much.


This year, alone best choice; direction marked
not through light of yonder star. Inns empty,
shepherds crooked, drive away Christmas:
northwards, following enlightened prophesy.

Alone’s not sinful, redemptive festive escape:
without tinsel, sparkle, overzealous consumption.
Mountains beckon, practical snow, rewarding
effort, exploration; family, distant memory.

Cabin’s fire, intimacy, own counsel taken
rearranging priority, focus spirit upwards.
Meditation, mindfulness, misguided feelings
redirected towards winter; clear, precise.

Stillness, learning calm; light shafting
expands possibility, directs progression.
Wise woman’s gifts, self awareness packaged;
shepherd growth, narrate new, fresh spirit.

Reinvention of self begins; transformation
though decades, festive pasts combining.
DNA garlands, helix ribbons define space,
sterling gift, expansion: understanding whole.

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