Mucking about with Christmas Hymns is my new jam. At some point over Christmas, when bored and not editing something important (there’s a list on the wall already) I’ll go back and give these efforts a do-over.

However, as this stands, I’m really proud of it.


Moment, silent caress; together, here:
holy moments, calm defined.
Unwind stressed day, silent night
shrouds sanctity within, stress gone.

Holding, quietly touched; separate, their
sacred tryst blooms, passion stamped.
Contain shrouded light, expel dark
no chance to coalesce, strain lost.

Emerging transformed, resurrection
tender outlook moulded, presented
whole; beautiful collaboration:
us, sleeping peacefully, heavenly.

Rising, changed constant, revived:
caring couple dictate new future.
Integral balance; co-operative state,
together, stream glories unhindered.

Together, hymn becomes mantra:
past, present indivisible whole.
History recalls evolutionary path;
two lives, redefined; finally complete.

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