Done for the year. Poetry output needs a rethink next year. Don’t worry, I’m already on it.

Thank you for sticking with me ❤


Surrounded, alone, motorway home:
metal boxes full, gift-wrapped journey;
glad we left early. Calm storms away,
inevitable festive holiday; hooray.

Exodus movements, firmament’s
guiding star, bulging cars: present tense
common sense solution, restitution.
Payback guilt, family’s faith rebuilt.

Arrival, survival: unpacking, get cracking:
festive season, transport’s reason. All
is calm, homecoming balm; relax…
Christmas parallax inclination, celebration.

Morning, presents calling: unwrap, attack
batteries, toys please. Dinner’s done, everyone
together sits, hats don’t fit… who cares, stares
party time, too much wine? Sleep, don’t weep.

Time to go, take it slow, holiday… done.
Festive fun, course run, redefines
better times: sharp reminder, be kinder.
Be change, rearrange life without strife.

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