RESOLUTION: Write more about how your poetry is written, and schedule WELL before the day its due to be published…

Verse three was a problem: I was forced to improvise, covering my brain’s inability to function correctly.

Sorry, there are no planes in this micro-poetry. Maybe I should do something about drones in the weeks that follow… I’m also going to not go mad. If a poem won’t form or isn’t working, it’ll get left to one side for a bit. What this says to me is that finally, brilliantly, the benefit of editing and ‘resting’ your work for a bit is finally becoming apparent. Better stuff happens over time. The bad stuff becomes good, or at least better than it was.

Needs to be more editing of stuff generally, I think.


Deep breath, let go
belief allowed
space to grow.
Bruised heart, sore skin
perfect moment
to begin.

Let’s play to win,
notion commenced:
bet’s all in.
Life’s tired old game;
plan? Best reset,
laying claim.

Time to break ground,
foundation’s set,
plans profound.
This brand new home,
no fear inside:
free to roam.

Let each idea
soar into sky;
releasing fears.
plan in advance:

Don’t need New Year
today will do;
start right here.
Transform your life,
piece at a time:
farewell, strife.

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