I find syllable counts a struggle. Numbers have never been easy, for as long as can be remembered: there are undoubtedly haiku archived that don’t hit the required 5/7/5 syllables they should. This year there’s gonna be a run through and freshen up of most Website content, including a long, hard look at more rigid content. For now, more flexible structures are being constructed and lived in.

This one looks pretty funky, too.


Hair, worn down
first time for an age:
relaxed, comfortable
confidence released
losing a band.

Words, free flow
brain to page, engage:
structure, composition
determined result
relaxing brain.

Miles, complete
upper body strength:
push ups, super sets
effort increasing
getting stronger.

Food, prepared
family mealtimes:
variety grants
fresh discoveries
happier lives.

Life, redefined
potential discharged:
only way, forward
strive for improvement
continuous goal.

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