This was unexpected.

Whilst I sit and wait for the ever-increasing pile of rejections to return to my desk, I’ll have something genuinely unique and special to look forward to. This Saturday, I’m gonna drag my best mate to Covent Garden in order to scope out the venue (which I think I may have been to before but can’t be sure) in anticipation OF MY FIRST GIG.

Just gonna sit here for a second and think about that for a minute…


Right, where was I?

There will be pictures and stuff on the night, I will practice my poem (a lot) but am unlikely to learn it off by heart because that’s just too much stress for my poor brain to live with. I will read, and I will listen, and there will be copious notes made on the night. Anything that can be learnt, will be, to be used as vital experience and further inspiration going forward. I know how great an opportunity this will be.

I’ve already learnt a great deal about myself from the experience.

As ‘they’ say, WATCH THIS SPACE.

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