I have to be careful at present, evangelising how much better my life has become when I’m not in a computer game or losing myself on Social media, because for so many people this is their life. All things in moderation is a good mantra, when all is said and done. Trying to get others to even consider holding up a mirror to themselves is a tough ask.

Honestly, this is the moment to reconsider your life choices. Halfway through January, everything is gonna seem a tough ask, but you’ve got this.

Take your first step away today.


Face pressed close to screen,
everything wrong: each angry
exchange, magnified.

Current perception
truth’s failed version: consider
new realities.

Swift, one step backwards
watch comprehension reset;
shift definition.

Life’s entirety
never virtual: answers
challenged, views questioned.

Objective, relieved
balance through constant questions;
creation evolves.

Written by Internet of Words

Published Writer, 53-ish / Still European / Trauma Survivor / Photos / Exercise / Bisexual / Chaotic Good / HUMAN SPORK / Mental Health / Daily Twitter Short Story / @ProperBard in Residence, My House / Shortlisted & Published Author / Original poems/fiction © IoW 2020