EX/WHI won’t be with you today: not because it’s not written, but there’s a bit of a conflict of interest going on. Right now I’m mired in an important re-edit of a novel being sent off for a significant prize next month. Last year, there simply wasn’t the confidence I could fulfil the criteria. That’s all changed, and as a result it is necessary to alter my normal processes to do so. It is the difference of a year to my outlook, the proof I am good enough to be recognised for my writing and, most importantly, there’s no glory if you don’t enter.

This last week’s seen an awful lot change, pretty much all of it for the better, coming as it has though one of the most domestically difficult periods for some time. To be up and ahead as a result is, all told, pretty awesome. This is the benefit (finally) of forcing myself to plan before the start of the following month so that there are no surprises and I don’t end up missing an important deadline. What it does means however that the occasional thing needs to give. I’m in three distinct narratives right now, it is perfectly acceptable to maintain quality that there’s a sacrifice made.


This week’s also seen my second rejection, which puts the two poetry compilations created in the second half of last year back on the table for editing and that all important ‘polish.’ I have a third, smaller group of 10 poems ‘in progress’ right now, which I’m hoping to sell electronically to raise funds, which will be put towards formally publishing a physical collection at the end of the year. That’s all for March however, right now there needs to be thought for February and the content I’ll be producing then.

Welcome to the most productive and exciting periods of my writing existence…

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