It’s almost time for me to set up my charity page for Time to Talk Day. For the last few years I’ve used my own experiences with mental health as the means by which participation is presented, but this year we’ll be doing something different. In my role as a poet, there’s new ways to put the point across that you’re not alone, and that many more people than you realise understand the issues at play.

This year, therefore, Thursday will involve a great deal of music and verse.

I’m going to take you on an audio-visual journey of what its like to be Inside My Head.

Inside My Head.png

I’ll be firming up the last of the details for this early next week, but you can expect to see at least some of the following:

  • Observations on how anxiety can still control existence, and what I do to deal with it
  • The fact I’ve decided to return to therapy in my 50’s
  • Music that helps keep me happy, focused and even affects the means by which my brain can help body become stronger
  • Micropoetry and Haiku on the feelings and experiences ‘Inside My Head’

Basically, the whole of next week for me will built around mental health, what its like to deal with the issues and how you can find help and support should you need it most. This will culminate on Friday with my poetry performance, a major step forward for efforts to be less anxious and more outgoing and confident. In tandem with this, I’ve become a Time to Change Champion this week, and will in future be looking to interact with my local community as well as continuing online to raise awareness of mental health issues.


Helping other people ought to be the default setting for everybody, but so often these days its just easier to ignore the issues, especially if you have problems of your own. My issues have become an important, almost vital part of the writing process, and bearing this in mind it is probably the right moment to open myself up to a little more scrutiny than has previously been the case.

I’d like to promote more honesty, and make it clear all this isn’t done as a means of generating revenues or trying to encourage a following. That’s now what any of this should be about. Helping each other feel happier, confident and stronger in our daily lives matters more than anything else. If there’s the means by which this can be achieved though words? You absolutely bet I’m gonna be all over it.

I’ll see you bright and early on Monday morning.

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