I have no idea where this guy factors into the equation. The stock image was too good to miss, way his hands support the ‘e’ and the ‘a’ and I suppose, on reflection, this was just a graphic I wanted to make with no actual reference to the work. It happens like that sometimes, you just make summat and then the words go their own sweet away.

This is a reminder of how much enjoyment is derived from designing these headers, often more than the poetry. This week, however, both are on an equal par. I’m also very happy about the structure this week. See if you can work out why.


Everything, presents
accurate life: existence
thrives, black and white town.

Vibrant, colour framed
sunrise, red-gold; deep sunset
indelibly marked.

Reality, quiet
brilliance: repetition
prompts humility.

Look closer, observe
true beauty hides: mundane spots
secrets in plain sight.

Presents everything,
existence: life accurate
town; white and black thrives.

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