There’s a really good reason to run two Twitter accounts, I realised yesterday : one for the professional, polished exterior and the other to get really ranty and frustrated when stupid rears it’s ugly head, which happens with predictable frequency. It is, on reflection, the disadvantage of having to deal with people who don’t ‘get’ how the Internet works. If as a publishing organisation you tell people direct they’re Longlisted for your Prize but don’t tell them to keep quiet about it, someone will inevitably tweet that joy to their audience. It helps if you tell everybody else they didn’t make it before that happens.

Otherwise, some people might justifiably get upset.

I’ve discovered that Poetry Twitter’s quite a dry place in my brief time here. That means a measure of slow, careful anarchy could easily be introduced, but it is all about picking the right moments. It also makes me realise that video blogs might have a LOT of impact here, especially as it doesn’t seem to be something that’s being used that much. There is, on reflection, a phenomenal amount of potential to exploit. It just has to be properly managed and organised.

That’s where the .PDF project I’m working on comes in: it allows some creativity in a place where previously I wasn’t fostering any. It becomes the means by which content can be sold whilst at the same time maintaining complete creative licence. The problem, of course, is that it can be easily copied or pirated by others, as is the case with all electronic media… but these are sacrifices made in order to start the way I mean to go on.


However, that means writing content… and that’s not happening whilst I’m blogging, now is it?

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