Why is Terpy dominating the banner, I hear you ask, and not Calliope or maybe even Mnemosyne, who would be a nice umbrella under which to fit all the forms of poetry the Muses get to laud over. Well, today comes the revelation that words aren’t a problem, and never really will be. As we have discussed a few times over the last few weeks the dance of publication is causing a few heartaches. So, it occurs to me that maybe I’m going about this all wrong. The residencies discussed on Monday are a definite way forward, and will be aggressively pursued.

It is time to start considering self publishing.

Planning to Kickstart a publishing project may not even be necessary if I can hit a target with a submission. However, there’s more and more realisation that to make the stuff I want to, with the focus that matters, this might be the most stress free way to go. To be true to myself, all these things need to be robustly considered and be on the table. It provides important secondary momentum that isn’t continually dashed by rejection after rejection.

Having destiny in your own hands might matter more than third party validation.

This isn’t me, on my own, if this route gets trodden either. I’m going to need help doing stuff I have no idea about, and that’s where friends come in and why kick-starting makes a lot of sense. In this very nebulous, ephemeral world of ‘no idea yet but a rough plan’ how they fit into everything is really important. Planning takes years for me, and because of that fact alone there’s already a path being laid, and tracks being scouted. Other people knowing I’m capable is no longer the issue.


If the future is using technology to free my creativity and not hinder progression, this is the way everything will eventually point.

The journey, if done well. should be full of possibilities.

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