For the next few weeks I’ll be revisiting and editing some of the previous work I’ve produced and reposting it here. On reflection, the originals will be removed, because there doesn’t need to be two copies of the same thing hanging about.

Would this poem be picked for an edit going forward? I’m quite pleased with this, if truth be told…


Cold pointed glance, eye-roll
ball bounced from hand to floor:
today’s lesson is complicity
whose opinion to ignore?

Still, stilted pause, brain-fade
response an age coming:
audience sit open mouthed
million fingers drumming.

Instruct difference, age-old
historic deviation:
two sides to every conflict
except all rules have changed.

Quashing resistance, slip-shod
firefighting, mansplaining:
finger pointed, accused
supporters exonerate.

Everybody schooled, wide-eyed
comprehension, grasping:
not another’s problem
together, solve the World.

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