Welcome to the first of what will be four week’s worth of recycled content, looked at with what probably counts as a more mature set of eyes, considering the original of this piece was first written just over a year ago. The brief for all these ‘upgrades’ is simple: improve on the originals. In this case that means a significant reduction of personal pronouns, and a rearrangement of narrative flow.

This feels and reads better than the original, so we’re going to mark this first week as a success. Also, that’s a FAR better accompanying graphic…

Transition One

No way I change
moment to better;
stop panicking
pull self together.

What gives heart joy
lifestyle arranging:
bad thoughts dispensed,
worry, exchanging.

Remember truth
easily salvaged;
fighting each fire,
restricting damage.

Finally fixed:
dust motes cling, settled:
facts filed, life saved,
from ideas levelled.

All problems solved
objective destroyed;
disaster ends,
worry… unemployed.

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