This week has been significant. Despite the fairly huge amount of flailing that took place, we still have potential to produce a useful work of short fiction to hit this particular deadline. Next week therefore has been slightly re-arranged: I have another residency proposal to collate and submit, alongside which a first draft of something that can then be considered for use in contest will be completed.

It also helps, I now realise, that the pain that was being experienced thanks to an untreated injury (which is now being dealt with) was considerably more distracting than was first grasped. Having begun the process on Friday, today is the rough equivalent of being able to finally sit in silence after having been forced to listen to music you don’t enjoy, non stop, for over three years. Being without a constant niggle of irritation is blissful.

This calm in body and brain are taking a bit of getting used to.


Therefore, once I’m done here (and the poetry is archived) there can be some planning for the vanity stuff I’ve been playing around with over the last few weeks. Some video tests were completed in the week, and (hopefully) if the weather forecast is accurate going forward, I’ll be making some detours after the School Run this week to do my location filming. Then, it’ll be about recording the audio and then throwing everything together. I have no idea if this will work, but it is worth a try.

Add to that the previously scheduled gubbins, a welcome return to PT, lots of sweating in Gyms generally, the inevitable and persistent spectre of rejection plus the genuine possibility of seeing the surface of my kitchen table for the first time since February and March seems to be going rather well. Oh yeah, it could all go horribly wrong again after Tuesday afternoon, but to be honest that’s not a problem. Change is inevitably a measure of pain.

I am ready for whatever might get thrown at me.

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