We’ll be going back to writing new verse next week, having learnt a significant amount not only about myself, but how this entire process works best. A lot has been taken from not just my original working practices, but also how words are changing over time. Needless to say, there’s plenty of stuff left to go back and alter, if and when the mood strikes (or I’m in the position where reality does not allow me the ability to be so free with my time.)

I’ll see you bright and early on Monday for the new gubbins, for now take a look at this poem’s evolution from the original published last February.

My One and Only Love

Will never fail to understand
always willing, just take their hand:
my one and only soothes dark soul
returning peace, beating heart whole.

Her arrondissements surround
life weary girl, effect profound;
agreement between life and death
remain strong even when bereft.

The Seine will calm inherent fear,
bathes understanding strong and clear:
snug cafe warmth to Tour Eiffel,
sing Notre Dame’s distinctive bells.

Strong sounds now heal all broken parts
both mind and body, hope restarts;
life’s reconstruction through belief
toxic elimination, brief.

This city never cheats nor lies;
brings joy, both greeting then goodbyes,
my one and only, staunch best friend:
Paris, beginning without end.

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