This week, I signed up for the first (and second) part of my formal training to become a Mental health Champion. By the end of January, everything will be in place, and it will be time to take the next step into a wider Universe. There’ll be a Time to Talk day in February, of course, but after that… well, that’s a question. I’ve already talked about what can be expected in terms of the site’s content.

Now it is time to talk about me.

This year has been one of the toughest personally I’ve ever experienced. Quite apart from a stay in hospital, my health’s been a point of contention. Everything is crossed for some clear air ahead. Christmas will be a time to finally recover and when blood tests are finally done in January… I’ve done all that can be to improve my iron levels and reduce cholesterol. If it’s not enough, the consequences will be coped with.


That’s the biggest single change since last year. Before these hurdles and setbacks would put mind and body back weeks, often months. Not any more. Failure has become copeable, fuel to keep me going. Each rejection still hurts, however, and there’s never going to be a point where that’s not the case. However, how I deal with those rejections is going to change going forward.

Most importantly of all, forcing myself into Mental health counselling was the most significant thing I could ever have done for everyone. What has been dislodged as a result will take many, many years to finally deal with. Some of it may never be coped with at all, of course, but that’s not your problem to worry about. Last week, trauma over dentistry was exposed to the light for the first time in over 40 years.

The next time that has to happen, and it will, I’ll be considerably happier.


For everything else, there is time, and writing. You can expect more passion and anger in my work, less fear and anxiety. There may well be other avenues to pursue with that too: I have a microphone set up with a webcam on my PC. There’s a video editing programme standing by. Although I can’t promise Hollywood production values, I have standards. Words and pictures will appear in 2020.

I’ll see you soon.

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