This weekend, I’ll be putting the finishing touches to two pieces of Patron-exclusive content. Eventually, these productions will see a wider audience, for now they are the rewards for those willing to support in a time of what will be for pretty much everybody one of hardship. It’s been really satisfying to watch reactions to the initial bits of content too: I must be doing something right.

Once that’s done, there needs to some thought about what gets attacked going forward. The last time I entered something was the start of March, which really does seem like a lifetime away: there is an awful lot potentially to work with. I have some ideas floating about, it is not as if there’s nothing to do in that regard. However, there is yet to exist the appropriate brainspace in which such things can be accomodated.

Therefore, this weekend, between the work, it is time to decompress a bit.


I am (sadly) one of those people whom is really not happy unless there is stuff to do. I find it quite difficult to just sit and do nothing, for instance. It is why the best holidays are where historical sites abound with pictures to take: give me two weeks on a sun longer and I’d die of boredom. It does also mean that being on lockdown has taken a bit of adjusting to: if all I do is work, that’s also counter-productive.

It means clearly delineating ‘work’ and ‘exercise’ time, separating spaces out so that work doesn’t follow me. Like it or not therefore that means no tablet or phone in the bedroom, even if acting as a virtual book. It has ingrained in me the process of getting ‘work’ done first before I start exercising or playing computer games. This may sound very rigid to some of you, but this routine is what keeps me sane.

These constants are what helps us move forward as adults.


These are unprecedented times we find ourselves within, and it is up to every single one of us to help each other survive and thrive going forward. By making content, I hope to provide not just entertainment, but thought-provoking stimulus. It’s hardly world-changing, explosive and controversial, I’ll grant you, but everybody has to start somewhere.

This for me is the right space to begin.

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